beorg and OPML

January 3, 2019

iOS users are incredibly lucky to have some fantastic apps available on the App Store. I’m a big fan of mind maps for high level planning and love the app MindNode. You can plan and brainstorm in a much more visual way than you can with a text based outliner.

OPML is a popular XML format for outlines - it is supported by MindNode and apps such as OmniOutliner. The latest version of beorg (2.8.0) recognizes when you paste OPML and adds the content to your beorg outline.

In this short video I’ve started a mind map to help plan my goals for 2019. I then take it from MindNode and paste into a beorg file.

As you can see its really easy to get stuff from MindNode into beorg:

  1. Tap the export button in MindNode
  2. Make sure the Export Type is set to OPML
  3. Tap Send to App… and then Copy to add the OPML to the pasteboard
  4. Now paste into a beorg outline

Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how beorg can be even more integrated into your iOS workflow. Happy 2019 everyone!

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