beorg Features and Extensions

Core features in beorg are free.

Premium extensions unlock additional functionality in beorg. Subscribe to beorg Premium to unlock all extensions. If you prefer, each extension can also be unlocked via an individual in-app purchase.

Subscribing or purchasing extensions supports future beorg development 💖.

Free Premium
Your data stored in plaintext files
iCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV sync
Weekly agenda
Reads/writes Org mode files
Unlimited files
Powerful search
Sync via folder file provider
Custom task states
Assign priority
Add notes to tasks
Scheduled, deadline and event dates
Task templates 2 Unlimited
Calendar and Reminders in agenda
Customize using Scheme language
App Icons 
Box Sync 
Export Themes 
Notification Sound 
Saved Searches 
Sync Calendar to a File 
Task Timers 
UI Themes 

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