Sync Calendar to a File

Sync your system calendars to an org file for use outside of beorg

If you use Emacs and Org mode then you may find this extension useful. This extension creates an org file containing entries from your calendars. This allows you to see your calendar events in your Org mode agenda without any potentially complex setup in Emacs.

By default, last week's events and the events for the next three weeks are included. This file should be treated as read-only, as it will be regenerated when needed by beorg.

You can customize how far back and forward beorg looks when deciding which calendar events to use. In your file set calendar-to-file-past-delta and calendar-to-file-future-delta as required. For example the following will have beorg include events from the past four weeks and the next eight weeks.

(set! calendar-to-file-past-delta -4)
(set! calendar-to-file-future-delta 8)

Once you've purchased this extension, or want to use it as part of beorg Premium, you need to turn on Sync Calendar to a file on the Settings tab.

To change the file which beorg creates, set Calendar file on the Settings tab.

beorg won't include any items from this file on the Agenda tab, otherwise you would likely see an event twice - once from your calendar, and once from the org file.

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