Task Timers

Time how long you spend working on individual tasks

A timer in beorg can be used to record how long you spend on a task.

To get started:

If you tap the timer button you'll be able to see how long the timer has been running, stop the timer and jump to the task associated with the timer.

A timer button is also available in the item editor. In addition to seeing how long the timer has been running and stopping it, you can also view a time report.

You can view a time report by selecting View Report from the timer button in the item editor. This will report on that item, and any children. You can choose to view a daily, weekly, monthly or all time report.

If you would like a time report for multiple items tap the more button at the top of the screen on the Agenda or Tasks tab, and select Time Reporting.... This will generate a time report for all displayed items with logged time. Use a search to include only those items you care about in the time report.

Only one timer can be running at once. When beorg starts it will find an item with an open timer (i.e. one which hasn't been stopped).

A timer creates a LOGBOOK drawer in your org file. For example:

* IN-PROGRESS Write meeting notes
CLOCK: [2024-01-10 Wed 13:00]--[2024-01-10 Wed 13:35] => 0:35
CLOCK: [2024-01-10 Wed 11:17]--[2024-01-10 Wed 11:52] => 0:35

In the above, you can see that on Wednesday, January 10th, a total of 70 minutes were spent on the task "Write meeting notes."

The LOGBOOK drawers created by beorg are compatible with Org mode clocking.

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