Excluding tasks from specific files on the Agenda and TODO tabs

You may have certain files in beorg which you don’t want to see on the agenda or TODO tabs. They may be very large and never contain tasks - in which case they may slow down beorg.

Some advanced customisation in beorg requires that you add some special commands to a file called init. This file can contain commands written in the Scheme language. The init file is the same as any other file you have in beorg and can be seen on the Files tab.

It isn’t necessary that you know how to program in Scheme to add your own simple customisation.

Here is an example where a file is excluded from both the agenda and todo lists.

Let us say you want to exclude two files from the agenda and TODO tabs:

If you don’t have an init file already create one by tapping the +, top left, on the Files tab. Make sure you give it the name “init” (in lowercase).

Open your init file from the Files tab and add a new item. Give the item a title - this is just to help you keep the file organised, it doesn’t mean anything to beorg.

Edit the notes for the item and enter the following:

#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
(set! agenda-exclude-files '("big-file.org" "very-large-file.org"))
(set! todo-exclude-files '("big-file.org" "very-large-file.org"))

Note that the file extension is included for each file when included in the list of files to exclude.

You can now save your init file. The easiest way to get beorg to re-read your init file (just saving doesn’t do this) is to kill beorg and start it again. Alternatively you can also use the REPL on the Settings tab and type:

(load 'init)

You should now find that no tasks from either big-file or very-large-file appear on either the Agenda or TODO tabs.

Tip: You may find it easier to edit your init.org on your computer rather than in beorg.

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