Grouping and sorting search results

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Group my search results, for example by task state, and sort each group, for example by priority.

Creating the search

This example starts with a search to show all tasks in a NEXT, IN-PROGRESS or WAITING state:


You can build your search using the helper bar that appears above the keyboard. Tap what you want to search by and then either type of select the criteria.

Grouping the results

By default search results are grouped by file which isn’t always want you want. To specify how you’d like the results grouped you can:

You can now select what you would like to group by. At the time of writing you can group by:

As soon as you’ve selected what you’d like to group by beorg will update your search results.


You can tell beorg how you would like each group to be sorted. Multiple criteria can be specified to get exactly the sort order you want.

You can choose from sorting by:

A sort can be either ascending (e.g. Apple before Banana, or TODO before DONE) or descending.

Here are some examples:

> s
Sorted by state with the order as defined on the beorg Settings tab in ascending order
> scheduled
Sort by scheduled date, with oldest dates first and dates furthest in the future last
> p < scheduled
Sort by priority, with the highest priority tasks shown first, and where tasks have an equal priority they should then be sorted where their scheduled date is furthest in the future first

Saved Searches

If you are a beorg Premium subscriber, or have purchased the Saved Searches extension, then you can use grouping and sorting to build a beorg Kanban board easily accessible from the saved searches button above the tab bar.

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