Creating an

There are two ways to configure beorg:

For most users the Settings tab contains everything they need to setup beorg. If you need to do some more advanced customisation you’ll need an file.

The format of the file

The file is a normal beorg file that contains some blocks of Scheme code. Here is an example:

* Fonts

#+begin_src scheme
(set! editor-font "Menlo 15")
(set! repl-font "Menlo 15")

* Todo states

#+begin_src scheme
(set! org-todo-action-keywords '("TODO" "NEXT" "IN-PROGRESS" "WAITING"))

The Scheme code is inside a special block which starts with #+begin_src scheme and ends #+end_src. Everything else is ignored, but is useful to help you structure the file.

Creating an file

On the Files tab tap the + at the top left of the screen and enter the file name init. Note that you don’t need to add the .org extension - this gets added for you.

Editing the file

I prefer to edit my file using the text editor. Hold down your finger on the init file on the Files tab and select Open With Text Editor….

As you’ll be mostly typing Scheme code you are best telling the editor to disable autocorrect.

What next?

There are a number of resources on the beorg website to help you learn more about what you can customise using the

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