Removing pre-defined filters

In this learning article I’ll show you how to remove the pre-defined filters from the TODO filter button.

Out of the box beorg gives you access to a number of pre-defined filters on the TODO tab. These include ones for each task state, only tasks including dates and those that don’t include dates.

If you have purchased the Saved Searches extension you may find yourself wanting to remove these so you can only see the searches you’ve created.

To do this create a new file in beorg called init (you may already have this if you’ve added other advanced customisations).

In init create a new item and give it a helpful title - for example Filters. Now set the notes for this item as follows:

#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
(set! filter-include-default #f)

Here is how my init file looks, with this section highlighted.

You now need to make sure your changes to init are saved and restart beorg (i.e. kill the app and start again). beorg will now only show filters/saved searches you’ve created.

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