Search basics

You can easily search your tasks in beorg.

A simple search syntax is used to allow you to narrow down a search by state (e.g. IN-PROGESS), files, tags, etc. For example s IN-PROGESS f work will show you all of your in progress work tasks.

It isn’t necessary though to remember that s means state, and f means file. Above the keyboard is a toolbar which allows you to easily construct your search.

Here I’ve tapped the search bar at the top of the screen and can see the keyboard and search toolbar above.

Next I tap the State button on the toolbar and I’m given a list of states (TODO, IN-PROGRESS and DONE) to choose from.

Once I’ve chosen a state the toolbar returns to showing me the search options. I can also see in the search bar that my search is set to s IN-PROGESS. The task list automatically updates to show my in progress tasks.

I can now narrow down my search to work tasks. I tap the In File button on the toolbar (which adds an f to my search) and can then select the file I’m interested in.

Using the search toolbar you can construct relatively complex searches in seconds.

If you have searches you use all the time, tap the booking button in the search bar to add a saved search. Saved searches is a beorg extension available as a one-off in-app purchase, or via a beorg Premium subscription.

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