WebDAV, git and Working Copy

Working Copy is a fantastic app to help you use git on your iPhone and iPad. One of its features is a WebDAV server. When used on iPad in Split View then another app can use WebDAV to access git repositories managed by Working Copy. In this learning article we are going to setup beorg to sync with a git repository using Working Copy and WebDAV.

To start create a new repository in Working Copy:

Give your repository a name:

I recommend you don’t use spaces in the name to make things simple when configuring beorg

I’ve now got my iPad with beorg and Working Copy running together in Split View. To setup the WebDAV server in Working Copy:

Now to configure beorg to sync with WebDAV:

Congratulations! If you’ve followed the above then you should now be able to sync beorg with your git repository managed by Working Copy.

To try it out create a new task in beorg. When you save it sync should happen automatically and you’ll see a file created or updated in Working Copy.

You can of course add a remote to your Working Copy git repository and then push to Github, Bitbucket or wherever you like to keep your remote git repositories.

If you have any questions about what has been covered above why not visit the forum and join in the conversation.

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