Keyboard Shortcuts

beorg 3.3.0+ comes with extensive support for external keyboards. To see the available keyboard shortcuts available at any point in the app hold down the ⌘ key on your keyboard.

If you are into customizing beorg then you can change any of the keyboard shortcuts below in your For example…

(define-key "tabbar" "s-a" ".agenda")

…will allow you to use ⌘-A to switch to the agenda tab instead of the default ⌘-1.

See for a full list of scopes (in the above example “tabbar” is the scope") and actions (above “.agenda” is the action).

Tab bar


Saved searches


Item editor

Text editor

Text editor toolbar

Date picker


REPL toolbar

Property selector (e.g. state, priority)

Tags dialog


Outliner item editor (i.e. when an item is selected)

Export/rendered file

Templates list

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