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What is beorg?

beorg is a plain text task management app. beorg can be used to structure projects, keep track of tasks and take notes. Everything is summarised in a weekly agenda and filterable task list, with notifications reminding users about upcoming task items. Files are synced with iCloud, Dropbox or WebDAV to give users control over where their data is stored. The plain text file format means that files written by beorg can be edited in other iOS text editing apps or on a computer. Many popular text editors have plugins which understand the Org mode files that beorg uses.

beorg gets users started using the quick capture feature to add tasks both from within beorg and using its share extension. Tasks can be given a customizable status (e.g. TODO, IN-PROGRESS or DONE), priority, scheduled and deadline dates. For more control beorg includes an outliner to give a greater level of organization over the way files are structured. A simple formatting syntax can be used to aid writing more complex documents. A beorg file can be turned into a document and exported as a PDF.

beorg gives users the confidence that the files they create are usable anywhere today and in the future. Using plain text for task management and notes is the best way to guarantee control over ones own data.




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