Reporting issues with beorg

If you have a problem with beorg then there are various places you can go for help:

If you have been unable to find a solution to your issue then please raise a support ticket.

When reporting what you think is a bug in beorg please provide the following information:

  1. Describe in a few sentences what the issue is.
  2. If possible provide the steps needed to reproduce the problem.
  3. State what behaviour you expected to see
  4. …and what behaviour you actually experienced.
  5. Say when you first observed the issue, and whether anything had changed (for example you just installed a new version of iOS, or bought a new device)
  6. If you think it would be helpful provide screenshots/videos showing the issue.
  7. The model of your device
  8. The version of iOS

If beorg is crashing then it can be helpful to ensure crash reporting is enabled on your device.

Here is an example:

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